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Amanda is a compassionate space holder and sacred medicine practitioner specializing in trauma-informed care. With a blend of somatics, art therapy, ceremonial expertise, and continuous mentorship, she guides individuals on a transformative journey from the shadows of trauma to a heart-centered existence. Currently undergoing training in mind-body coaching, Amanda integrates diverse modalities to support her clients' holistic healing journey.


Drawing from her own profound healing journey through deep wounds, childhood trauma, and Complex-PTSD, Amanda integrates art practice and medicine ceremony to transcend cycles of post-traumatic stress, guiding clients toward profound self-discovery.


Trained under the guidance of Paije West of Etéreo, a revered medicine woman, Amanda embraces a model of care rooted in creating safe, nurturing spaces mirroring the sacredness of birth. Recognizing that healing is an inherently personal process, she facilitates her clients' natural healing journey through expanded states, attentive listening, and somatic experiencing.


Amanda holds certifications in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and Psychedelics and Somatics, enhancing her ability to support clients on their path to healing. Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds solace in crafting medicine, creating art, and cherishing moments with her partner and beloved dog, Koda.


An intuitive artist at heart, Amanda's creations serve as emotive expressions, provoking introspection and dialogue. Inspired by the intricate patterns of nature and the boundless cosmos, her art embodies controlled chaos, weaving intention with spontaneity to celebrate the journey of healing.


Through her art healing facilitation, Amanda harnesses the transformative power of creative expression to foster holistic well-being across all ages. By marrying art with plant medicine, she unlocks avenues for creativity, emotional processing, and integration, cultivating spaces for profound healing and growth.


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